Who's Mario?

Mario the Builder, at the T3DD11 in Sursee, Switzerland

I build websites and web-applications at internezzo where I'm using TYPO3 CMS heavily for almost all the websites and extensions we build. Since a few months, we're also using TYPO3 Flow as the base of standalone applications we're building both for internal use as also for our customers.

Besides the work at internezzo, I'm developing stuff with Flow and Neos and sometimes release what I've built as open-source software. I give back to existing OSS projects by writing about it, testing, submitting bug-reports, creating patches, ...

During 2013 I started to collect contributors, ideas and requirements that then ended up in starting a new software-project called "Roketi" which aims to simplify the handling of shared hosting environments for ISPs.

Together with my wife and our two kids, I'm living in Hochdorf, Switzerland.

I'm engaged at the local firefighting-department and in charge of all the equipment we have.

Besides all that, my wife took over my previous hobby and produces custom stickers - you can find some images of the stickers at stickermanufaktur.ch

If you're interested, you can find me on the following sites from time to time:

Let me know when you're close by - I'm always open for some knowledge-exchange :-)

Whyever, you reach me best by sending me an e-mail to mario@rimann.org

If you'd prefer to send encrypted mails, here's my PGP-Key.