Mario the Builder, at the T3DD11 in Sursee, Switzerland title: Mario the Builder, at the T3DD11 in Sursee, Switzerland

I used to build websites and web-applications at internezzo with TYPO3 CMS, Neos CMS and Flow Framework mostly. Then transitioned into the infrastructure and operations part over time, running a lot of Linux based webservers, the underlying virtualization platform and the network / connectivity side.

Along the way I specialized in operating our Puppet infrastructure, running DNS servers, Nginx configuration and monitoring.

Besides the work at internezzo, from time to time I develop smaller things and sometimes release what I’ve built as open-source software. And I give back to existing OSS projects by writing about it, testing, submitting bug-reports, creating patches, …

Together with my wife and our two kids, I’m living in Hochdorf, Switzerland.

I’m engaged at the local firefighting-department and was responsible for all the equipment from 2014 to 2021.

If you’re interested, you can find me on the following sites from time to time:

Let me know when you’re close by - I’m always open for some knowledge-exchange :-)

Whyever, you reach me best by sending me an e-mail to (email: mario@rimann.org)

If you’d prefer to send encrypted mails, here’s my PGP-Key.