Swiss TYPO3-Usergroup Reloaded

Warning: This post is over 370 days old. The information may be out of date.

Welcome back!

Today the first Swiss TYPO3-Usergroup meeting since a very long time took place at Snowflake in Z├╝rich. I think it was a great success to have so many attendees from different agencies and I’m looking forward to the next of the planned quarterly meetings where several interesting topics will be presented and discussed.

For all communication around the Usergroup, we decided to use the hash-tag #chtug.

Good-Bye Website

The website at lasted for very long and will soon be shut down in favour of reducing the content to the minimum. For the announcement of meetings, a wiki page somewhere should be enough.

To keep it in remembrance, here’s how the page looked like:

The Swiss-TUG Website as of 2013-04-09

And another oldie but goldie, the group-picture that we took back in October 2005:

The Swiss-TUG-Crew that met in October 2005