F.lux - Screen Lightning Tool

Warning: This post is over 370 days old. The information may be out of date.

Today I’ve seen two mentions on f.lux, a software that changes the color-temperature of your screen. While it’s ok to be light and blue-ish during the day where the screen has to compete against the sunlight - it should be different when there’s no sun.

The application is available for a range of platforms and I’ve just installed it on my MacBook Air without troubles. The first impression is a bit strange as everything looks a bit “mis-colored”, as if you’re watching at a horribly calibrated screen - but I think that’s just a matter of some hours or days to get used to it.

Ok, I think it won’t work out for people that need to work on graphics - but for all the others that are just typing texts like I do right now - or for the coders - or the sysadmins, it shouldn’t be a big deal. And as they write on their website, there have been users that have better sleep now that they use f.lux.

Let’s see if it works - at least thanks to the developers of f.lux - I like the idea!