Takeaway of the Week: Avoid Losing Your Energy at Work

Warning: This post is over 370 days old. The information may be out of date.

Ivan Blatter published some ideas, what one would do, if the week would have one additional day (original article in German).

As a response, Jens Uhlemann has published a slightly different view on that topic: What if the week would have one day less? (original article in German)

He then identified some evil stuff, which should be avoided at all, to not loose the energy for useless stuff - which is my take away for this week:

Stop wasting time whining - start finding solutions Stop seeking one to blame - start seeking for the root cause Stop complaining about $someThing - start acting according to “Love it, change it or leave it!” Start to make useful breaks at work - no one can deliver 100% all the time Try to avoid meetings with more than three participants if possible

I don’t expect this will free one full day of my week - but it hopefully helps anyway.