Open-Source Contributions

Besides the own projects that I started, I left some traces in several open-source projects:

Flow Framework

Formerly known as TYPO3 Flow

Period: don't know exactly - now

  • Ongoing semi-active watcher of the project
  • developing stuff on top of the Flow-Framework
  • contributed bug-reports and general feedback
  • held a talk about TYPO3 Flow in 2014


Period: 2005 - 2015

What I did:

  • 2004: first contact with TYPO3 as user and admin
  • 2005: part of the very first TYPO3 conference in Karlsruhe, called TYCON3 back then
  • organizing the TYPO3 Developer Days 3 times (2006, 2007 and 2011)
  • inofficial helping hand at the TYPO3 Developer Days 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • speaker at the TYPO3 Developer Days 2008 (giving a talk about unit-testing)
  • member of the board at the TYPO3 Association (2010 - 2011)
  • participant at the TYPO3 Security Code-Sprint 2012
  • contributed some bugfixes, features and cleanup

Several other projects

There were smaller or older contributions to several other projects (in no particular order)

  • ddev (Feature Requests, Documentation and small additions)
  • TYPO3 Neos (Bug-Reports)
  • Flow Package kaystrobach/menu: bug-reports and general feedback
  • TYPO3 Extension "solr": code-reviews and minimal code contributions
  • TYPO3 Extension "seminars": co-maintainer for some time, thus a whole bunch of features and bugfixes
  • TYPO3 Extension "realty": one single commit - in the docs
  • TYPO3 Extension "oelib": some features and bugfixes
  • JIRA/Confluence: some Bug-Reports
  • Icinga: Bug-Reports, two tiny bugfixes
  • Mozilla Thunderbird: Bug-Reports