What Mario builds


While compiling this list, I was surprised by the big number of projects that I startet, worked on, completed (or still maintain and extend). My journey is heavily coupled to the TYPO3 universe which is reflected in my OSS-Contributions - but I also worked on several other projects. Many of them are publicly available as OpenSource, just have a look.

And don't forget, feedback is very welcome!


Project Website
Project on Github
Issue Tracker

Project Status: Ideas are ready, needs more time to get going
Project Period: 2013 - now
License: MIT

The project was on my "wishlist" for soooo long time. In 2014 the kick-off began, unusally by creating the project website first, long before the first line of code was written at all. In addition, this project was clear to be developed together with others - it's just too big for one person alone. But what is it about?

Well, it's thought of as a cluster hosting management system which enables the user to control the hosting of websites and web-applications - across several servers - from one central web-based GUI.

We're still seeking additional developers to join the efforts. And if you're just want to keep updated, see the website where you can register for a newsletter.



Project Status: Feature-Complete, Finished for now
Project Period: April 2015
License: tbd, not open-sourced yet

For a colleague of mine, I developed a Flow based web-application. His goal is to publish photos from his camera to an FTP-Server (which was working already) and automatically publish them further from there (the part to develop). The photos should be pushed to Dropbox and flickr via their APIs.

The current solution containts a web-based frontend to configure the transport-jobs. This includes the handling of requesting/converting and storing the API-Tokens from Dropbox and flickr so we can later on talk to their APIs for publishing the photos. As soon as the API details are configured, the connection to the APIs is tested and the user is presented with a feedback.

The second part of the solution is the transport logic itself which is also part of the PHP application: It connects to the configured FTP host, downloads the photos and then automatically pushes them to the configured Dropbox target directory and/or the flickr album. Of course the transport-logic takes care of only fetching/transmitting the photos once and keeps a log on that.

PhotoTransporter settings view to configure a job.

Vagrant Box for TYPO3 Flow development

Project page on Github

Project Status: It works for me, still maintained, no concrete plans to add features right now
Project Period: 2013 - now
License: MIT

I'm sharing my base box that I usually take for development of PHP projects. It's perfectly suited as a base for TYPO3 CMS, TYPO3 Flow or TYPO3 Neos projects - and any other kind of PHP application.

Included is Nginx, dnsmasq, MySQL, PHP (with PHP-FPM) and some other magic. Everything set up via Puppet - that's why it also serves as a "how did I manage to get XY working" library for myself :-)

Web-Developer Quiz


Project Status: Finished, online - you can participate now!
Project Period: 2012 - now

Inspired by previous challenges and quiz pages, I thought it would be fun to run my own quiz - targeted to web developers. To solve it, the participants need know-how from several areas. You can find more explanation and the challenge itself on the project website - have fun!

Startpage of the WebDev-Quiz

Gitlab-Omnibus Updater

Project page on Github

Project Status: Deprecated (as in "not needed anymore")
Project Period: 2014 - May 2015
License: MIT

When I was tired to execute several steps manually for each and every update of Gitlab with the omnibus installer, I just wrote up a small script to automate that: As soon as the new version is announced, I can just execute the script. It detects the current version from the Gitlab-Website, downloads the *.deb version of the package, creates a backup, installs the new version and starts up all services again.

Since the guys bedind Gitlab decided to publish new versions via an official *.deb package repository, this script is not really needed anymore. Details can be found on the Update page.

The Gitlab Updater at work

CoMo - Coder of the Month

Project page on Github

Project Status: Missing time for the ideas I have for it
Project Period: 2013 - now
License: MIT

A fun project which counts the commits from Git repositories and then automatically elects the Coder of the Month each month.

We're using it internally at internezzo and also the Flow Core-Team has a CoMo installation.

CoMo in Action


Project page on Github

Project Status: not maintained anymore
Project Period: 2012 - 2013
License: MIT

Kippt is an online bookmarking service. I've built a small backup-script that fetches all the clips (bookmarks) and stores them in a local MySQL database.


Project page on Github

Project Status: Not actively maintained at the moment
Project Period: 2012 - 2013
License: MIT

I guess that was my very first TYPO3 Flow based project that was published to the public :-)

A TYPO3 Flow Package to locally translate your application's XLIFF localization files. Shows nicely, if a label needs to be translated or updated since the last translation run:

XliffTranslator in Action

BZD Staff Directory

Project page on Github
Extension in TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER)

Project Status: Not maintained anymore
Project Period: 2006 - 2013
License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

While working at a public school, we needed a versatile extension to render the persons in different lists, where every employee could be part of one or many organisations. The extension was also maintained after leaving that school and many features were added over time.

With the time passing by, my personal itch to update the extension for major TYPO3 CMS releases lowered and in 2014 I decided to not maintain the extension anymore.